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  Front Firing Sava 9MMPA Blank Gun Chrome Gold #3066

Front Firing Sava 9MMPA Blank Gun Chrome Gold 
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Front Firing Sava Magnum blank firing 9MMPA gun: Our Front Firing mid size semi automatic Sava blank firing hand gun Fires Flame and Smoke from the end of the Barrel like a real Gun. All Blank Firing Guns sold in the US must have the red tip in compliance with Federal law. It is my understanding that if the item is to be used in the theatrical, movie, or television industry the red tip can be removed. The Front Venting Sava has a realistic feel to it with great balance that makes it popular as a training blank gun for armed forces and military as well as law enforcement and police for handgun training. It is a safe training pistol for security company’s and firearm instructors. It is a stylish, reliable and easy to use prop blank gun for theatre or film and is a favorite with collectors and hobbyist. Like all of our blank guns the Sava is made of metal not plastic. You just load the clip then pull the slide back to chamber a round. When you pull the trigger to fire the spent round ejects and the next round reloads automatically Just like a real handgun. Our Sava blank gun produces the same loud sound, smoke and flame as the original firearm it replicates. Features: Capacity: 15+1 Shots, Finish : Weight: 1.8 lbs, Length: 6.75" height 5.25” Caliber: 9mmPA, Includes: 1 Magazine and a Hardshell case.

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